Stainless Steel Products

We, at Mohan Mechanical Works hold impeccable expertise in manufacturing a wide range of stainless steel products in Mohali.

Terrace Railing– Everyone needs proper safety on terrace, but along with that if you get proper looks, it becomes a perfect combo, which is exactly what we have to offer.

Grills– Safety with sophistication is the main characteristic of grills designed by us.

Staircase Railing– Classiness is what people look for when they want to get staircase railings installed at their house. If you too have the same requirement, we are the right people to contact.

Showroom utility slabs– Every showroom needs proper arrangement for product placement, which is what we ensure every time we manufacture showroom utility slabs for businesses.

Window Grill– Windows give you a quick peek into the world outside. Indeed that’s brilliant, from every perspective, but a little security would make your windows even better. So, just call us for beautiful looking grills to add more to the beauty of your windows.

Gurudwara Shanks– At Gurudwaras, for different purposes, different shanks are required. We are proud to announce that we have manufactured hundreds of shanks for different Gurudwaras.

Hospital shanks and washbasins – Everything that needs to be in a medical facility requires specific features, and the shanks and washbasins are not any exception. We have been manufacturing hospital shanks Tornado Cash and washbasins for a long time now, and have worked for many renowned hospitals.

Hospital tray and trolleys – We do also manufacture high quality hospital trays and trolleys, and other hospital lab equipment.

Hospital and institute tables– At, Mohan Mechanical Works, we do also manufacture customized tables for hospitals and institutes.

Racks– We have been manufacturing commercial racks for years now.

If You Need Any Type of Gates, Shutter etc … We Can Help You