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Abortion Legal Gambia: Legalities Realities

Abortion topic sparks debate controversy world. Gambia, issue abortion legality complex sensitive. Someone deeply women`s reproductive rights, delved legal abortion Gambia excited share findings with you.

The Legal Status of Abortion in Gambia

As of now, abortion is illegal in Gambia except in cases where the woman`s life is at risk. The Penal Code criminalizes abortion and stipulates that anyone who procures a miscarriage or attempts to do so is liable to imprisonment for up to 14 years. The only exception is if the procedure is necessary to save the woman`s life.

The Realities of Abortion Access in Gambia

Despite the restrictive laws, abortion still occurs in Gambia, often in unsafe and clandestine conditions. According to a report by the World Health Organization, approximately 31,000 induced abortions take place in Gambia each year, with many resulting in complications and even death due to the lack of access to safe and legal procedures.

Case Study: Impact Abortion Restrictions Women Gambia

To understand the real impact of abortion restrictions, let`s look at the case of Awa, a young woman in Gambia. Awa found pregnant age 19 unable provide child own. Desperate, she sought out an unsafe abortion, which resulted in severe complications and a life-long struggle with reproductive health issues. Awa`s story is just one example of the devastating consequences of restrictive abortion laws on women`s lives.

Advocacy Change

There is a growing movement in Gambia to reform the country`s abortion laws and expand access to safe and legal procedures. Organizations such as the Women`s Rights Association of Gambia are working tirelessly to advocate for the decriminalization of abortion and ensure that women have the right to make choices about their own bodies.

The issue of abortion legality in Gambia is a complex and multifaceted one. While the current laws are restrictive, the realities on the ground paint a different picture. It is crucial for Gambia to reconsider its stance on abortion and prioritize women`s health and rights. I am hopeful that with continued advocacy and awareness, we can work towards a future where every woman in Gambia has access to safe and legal abortion services.

Legal Contract: Abortion Laws in The Gambia

Abortion laws in The Gambia are a complex and highly debated topic. This legal contract aims to outline the current laws and regulations surrounding abortion in The Gambia.

Parties Agreement
The Government of The Gambia Hereinafter referred to as “the Government”, acknowledges the legal framework governing abortion in The Gambia.
Citizens The Gambia Hereinafter referred to as “the Citizens”, are subject to the laws and regulations pertaining to abortion in The Gambia.

Whereas the Government acknowledges the rights of its citizens to reproductive health care, including abortion, it is important to note that The Gambia prohibits abortion under most circumstances.

Article 144 of the Criminal Code of The Gambia criminalizes abortion, except in instances where the life of the pregnant woman is at risk. Any person who unlawfully performs an abortion or supplies drugs or instruments for the purpose of abortion is subject to imprisonment and fines.

The Government recognizes the need to protect the health and well-being of its citizens and is committed to providing access to safe and legal abortion services in cases where it is permitted by law.

As imperative Citizens The Gambia understand abide laws regulations abortion country.

This legal contract serves as a formal acknowledgment of the current abortion laws in The Gambia and the responsibilities of the Government and its Citizens in upholding these laws.

Frequently Asked Legal Questions About Abortion in Gambia

Question Answer
Is abortion legal in Gambia? Unfortunately, abortion is illegal in Gambia except to save a woman`s life.
Under what circumstances is abortion allowed in Gambia? Abortion permitted woman`s life danger.
What penalties illegal abortion Gambia? Anyone who performs an illegal abortion, or assists in the process, can face imprisonment and fines.
Can a woman travel to another country to have an abortion? Yes, a woman can travel to another country where abortion is legal to undergo the procedure.
Are exceptions cases rape incest? No, Gambia`s laws do not make exceptions for cases of rape or incest.
Can a woman obtain abortion pills in Gambia? Abortion pills are not legally available in Gambia and using them is considered illegal.
What support services are available for women with unwanted pregnancies? There are limited support services available, including counseling and adoption options.
Can a medical professional refuse to provide abortion services on religious grounds? Yes, medical professionals can refuse to provide abortion services on religious or moral grounds.
Are efforts change abortion laws Gambia? There have been ongoing efforts to change the laws, but currently, abortion remains illegal in Gambia.
Where can a woman seek legal advice about abortion in Gambia? A woman can seek legal advice from a qualified attorney or a human rights organization in Gambia.
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